Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best Shape of Your Life Challenge

Define the best shape of your life, go ahead think about it. What comes to mind?

Balanced Diet?

Well, the answer is all of the above. To be in terrific shape you have to be a good weight for YOU (not to be confused with super thin), be able to do some minimal strength exercises, be able to do those exercises multiple times and to eat well. If you do all of the above you WILL be in terrific shape, it's science.

What does this have to do with me and my life? My crossfit gym has decided to run "The Best Shape of Your Life Challenge" and I accepted. By incorporating every aspect of personal well being, the challenge will bring me to a point where I hope to, literally, be in the best shape of my life. Below you will see the rules to the challenge as well as some of the diet guidelines that I will attempt to follow. I will post my progress as I go through the weeks and hopefully I will see some very positive changes in the next 8 weeks (more than I already have by joining crossfit, but more on that in a later post)

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