Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 5: Some bumps in the road

A balanced diet is critical in getting the most out of your body...duh.  There is no point in trying to beat that into anyones brain because it is common sense.  Beyond a full days balanced diet, there are some times where "overloading" on some key nutrients can be very beneficial.
I prefer strawberry flavored whey.
During training you break down protein and burn amino acids (source).  Replenishing protein immediately after a workout can really help in keeping your muscles in best condition.  Some research suggests that consuming whey before/during/after a workout can actually cause your body to burn more fat reather than burning muscle.  This is ideal for two reasons, first want to look your best and second of all, more muscle is a good thing.  Personally, I use a protein shake right after my WOD and sometimes have a piece of fruit.  I like the taste of protein shakes, it is a nice change from bland water.

Here are a few other links that show this.  Does anyone else find it funny that I use livestrong (Lance Armstrong) for advice on supplements?

Will Drinking Protein After a Workout Help me Gain Weight?
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Whey Protein After Your WOD
Why Whey?

What sources do you use when you are curious about nutrition?  I'd love to hear them!


After 4 straight days of CrossFit, I'm resting today.

It's a wedding weekend which makes eating well especially tough, I will take my first negative points.  Tomorrow I will post about ways that I TRY to cope with travel and try to make the best of social events.

Breakfast (3 points)
2 HB eggs

Snack (2 points)

Lunch  (1 point)..although paleo, I did eat more than 5 blocks of meat.
   7oz steak
   broccoli, squash, carrots

Snack (2 points)

Dinner (-2 points)
  Rehearsal dinner
  5 oz steak (or so the menu said)
  broccoli, squash, carrots
  Ice cream, cookies

Late night snack (-2 points)
  fun size milky way

Other Points
Water +1
5 hour rule +1
8 hours sleep +1

Only 7 points today because of some unhealthy food choices.

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