Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 4: It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean

Who knew that this phrase could be used in more than sailing and sex?   It is something that a lot of men have a problem with in all 3 activities, concentrating on size!   Good form can help decrease injuries and, in time, increase the amount of weight you can lift.  During my first week of CrossFit I used a 1/2 pood (~17lbs) kettlebell for my kb swings.  I looked rediculous, a 180 pound man swinging this little tiny ball!  Looking back, it was certainly the right move as it was the form that I needed to learn BEFORE I could move on to heavier weights.  In kb swings, injury to your back, shoulders, and wrists can be a concern if you are not using the proper form/weight.  The same goes for most weight lifting exercises, get your form down pat, then move on to higher weights.
I love saying the word pood, I think I'll report my weights in poods.

I bring this up because today I graduated to a 1.5 pood (54lb) kettlebell! Still not rx weight, but it is one step closer.  It was quite the transition and it really made me realize how important it is to pop your hips when raising the kettlebell over your head.

Also want to say great job to my wife for graduating to the black band on her pull-ups, up from jumping pull-ups.


I went to the 6am class today which was horrible.  I'm tired, in a bad mood, tired, have nothing in my stomach and most of all..TIRED!   I think it showed in my numbers as I did really bad in my Tabatas.  I might re-do this workout during an open gym to see if I can improve on my score.

Skill:  400m run...BACKWARDS
         3 min epor pmuj  (jump rope backwards)

  Pull Ups
  Row for Cals
  KB Swings
  10m Runs
  Hand release Push-ups

1 min rest between workouts
Your score was the least you did during the exercise
Add total for final score

My Scores:
2:01 for the run
122 backwards jumpropes


Pull-ups: 4
Row for Cals: 4
Runs: 6
KB: 4
Push-ups: 5

Total: 23


I've been focusing my tips on fitness lately, tomorrow I will post on nutrition.

Post Workout Snack (2 points)
Protein Shake

Breakfast (3 points)
Ham Omelet (2 Eggs)

Lunch (3 points)
Chicken Garden Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Snack (2 points)
Grilled Chicken

Dinner (2 points)

Other points
5 Meals +1
<5 hours +1
Water +1

For a total of 15 points on the day.

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