Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 1: More Lettuce than I Thought Possible

Day one of the Best Shape of My Life Challenge (BSOL) is in the books and I think I did well.  Ended the day with 18 points which is 2 less than the max possible.  The points are broken out below:

Breakfast at 9am (3 points):
1/4 Cantaloupe
1 cup grapes
3 eggs (only one yolk)
15 cashews
2 fish oil pills

Lunch at 12:30pm (3 points):
2 cups lettuce (which i ignorantly measured as 16 oz more on this later)
5 oz grilled chicken
1 tomato
~2.5 TBS of dressing
1 Large Apple
1 peach

Snack 4pm (3 Points):
3 cashews
1 egg white

Post workout snack 7:45 pm (2 points):
Protein shake

Dinner 8:45pm (3 points)
5 oz chicken
2 cups peas

My food was ok, but I need to find some more healthy fats.  At the same time, I'd also like to get a bit more defined which means I want to limit my fat intake.  The parsing that Karen and I did last night helped a lot as just about everything was grab and go.  It was also nice to cook on the grill and sit outside last night.  The weather was beautiful!

The salad was insane, 2 cups of a solid should NOT be measured the same as liquid ounces.  I ended up eating almost an entire head of lettuce!  I am not concerned because 1 head of lettuce is about 4 calories but still a lot of food for one man to eat.  Lesson I learned is that lettuce can be eaten in just about any quantity so I need to fit it more to myself.

Salad from hell.  They serve these for families, and I ate it alone.

Workout (no points for working out a single day)

I biked to the gym for the first time, ended up being a 5 mile bike each way but it was great in warming me up and prepping me for my triathlon in 10 days.

Over Head Squat (OHS): 21 18 15 12 9 6 3
Ring Dips                       :  3 6 9 12 15 18 21

I had to use a purple band to complete my ring dips because my arm strength just is not up to par yet.  I completed the workout in 21:11 which is respectable for me and I really pushed myself with 65 lbs on the squat.  my wrists felt like they were about to break!  Prior to the WOD I finally figured out my 1 rep max for back squats which ended up being 185lbs (WEAK!).  Lets hope I can improve that over the next 6-8 weeks.

Other Points

+1 -  5 meals
+1 - <5 hours between meals
+1 - half my body weight in water
+1 - 8 hours of sleep

We shall see what day 2 holds for me, I'm a little concerned with keeping up on water.  Any tips from the fish out there who drink a lot of water?

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