Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 3: I'm like an old rubber band...if I stretch, I break

Let me start by directing your attention to the right hand side of this screen where there are some links that might come in handy.  First are some pages, the CrossFit Dictionary and the rules to the Best Shape of My Life Challenge.  Go here when you get confused on what I'm writing about and why.   Also please visit the other links I've added, most are great sites...others are just some more of my own fitness stuff.


In my first post, where I tried to define total fitness, I failed to mention flexibility.  To be honest, it is just something I never think of when it comes to my fitness, sure I "stretched" but I always looked at it as more a formality.

Kipping will help stretch a few muscles..and has the benefit of helping me work on proper pull-up form

Today's WOD really showed my lack of flexibility as I really struggled to get into the proper position to complete my power snatches.  Neither my legs or shoulders would go to where they needed to be without a lot of trouble.  As Mike told me, it was only my first time so going into the proper form is a work in progress.  He gave me some suggestions on how to increase my flexibility which unfortunately will take some time but at the least I know how to fix it.

Skill: 2 Snatches on the minute for 10 minutes
WOD: 3 rounds for time 15 hanging snatches 20 t2b

Skill: 65lbs (used lighter weight because my form needed work)
WOD: 13:44 at 65lbs 
Finished with a 500m row for time: 1:49 

Video Showing a snatch ....this is safe for work :-P

Of course, most immature people (me included) think of this definition.


Breakfast (3 points)
3 hard boiled eggs (2 whites only)

Lunch (3 points)
Chicken Garden Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Snack (2 points)
Grilled Chicken

Post Workout Snack (2 points)
Protein Shake

Dinner (3 points)
Grilled Ham
Broccoli and Cauliflower with a small amount of butter

Other points
Sleep +1
5 Meals +1
<5 hours +1
Water +1

For a total of 17 points on the day.

If you look at the time this is posted, I clearly will not get my 8 hours of sleep, especially since I'm supposed to go to the 6am class.  I hate the morning.

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  1. Thanks for going to the 6am Class with me. You KNOW I couldn't do this with out you.