Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 18: I did Angie...and My Wife was Proud of Me

Today I started my goal of doing all the girls before the end of the year.  There are 20 girls so it may be a bit of a stretch but I think I can do it.  I'll use the open workouts to do them along with trying to set some PR's in the lifts listed on the the workouts page.  It was a coincidence but trainer Mike did the same workout today...but he did his in 9:38...I will not be even close to that

I don't have a good blog post for today, I promise a decent one tomorrow.


Strength:  8 minutes to find 1 rep max DL

WOD: "Angie"

100 Push-ups
100 Squats
100 Pull-ups
100 Sit-ups

Strength:  I pulled out a 285 and I think I can get 300 but ran out of time.
WOD:  30:18
This is what 100 pull-ups will do to your hand.

I am proud to say that I am getting really good with my Kipping Pull-Ups.  I think I can get 20 in a row..I will try next workout (Sunday) to get to 20 in a row.  I do think I can dead lift 300 lbs, but did not want to try unsupervised today as the dead life has a high potential for injury if done wrong.


Breakfast (3 points): Ham Omelet, Grapes, Nuts
Snack (3 points)    :  Watermelon, Nuts, Ham
Lunch (3 points)    :  Chicken Garden Salad, Strawberries
Snack (2 points)    : Protein, Blueberries

No Dinner

Water +1

12 points today.

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