Sunday, September 18, 2011

Warm up!

I completed the Fight Gone Bad workout yesterday and learned something very quickly...YOU HAVE TO WARM UP WHEN IT'S COLD OUT!   I should note here that common sense is not so common to me.  I will write a longer summary of FGB once I have the pictures but to say I was huffing and puffing after the first row is an understatement 

It's funny though, cause this is not the first time this has happened to me.  While competeing in my first 2 triathlons, I would always bust it to the first buoy in the swim portion and then be just cooked for the rest.  Then in my most recent triathlon, I biked the run course as a warm up about an hour before the start of the race.  Then during the swim, I never hit that wall that I had in the previous tri's.  

So my advice is the following:

  • About an hour before the event, work up a sweat.  Get your heart going by going for a light jog, rowing, biking...something.  
  • Don't make it too intense, something light is more than enough.  Just get your heart rate up.
  • STRETCH.  Before you warm up and then after.  Loose muscles are less likely to get injured.  
  • Make sure you are hydrated for the event.  
I assure you that before my next "competition" I'll be ready for whatever comes first!



"Fight Gone Bad"

3 rounds  - 1 minute break between rounds
1 minute - AMRAP of:
20# Wall Balls
Rowing for Calories
Sumo Dead Lift (75#)
Push Press (75#)
20" box jump

My Score: 263 Reps


Partner WOD
111 Wall Ball Sit-ups
222 HRPU
333 Double Unders
3000m row

While one partner is doing the movement, the other is running 200m.  

Time: 37:48

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