Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I should call this diet of the year.

Today was the worst diet day I've had in months.  Ready for this awesome list of food

Breakfast: Protein Shake
Snack: 2 eggs
Lunch: non existent
Snack: single twizzler, 3 swedish fish, and 4 small tootsie rolls...oh and a mint
Dinner: Can of corn and a protein shake

How's that for awesome?!?  Cavemen are turning over in their graves.  Every crossfitter in the country just collectivly gasped...or would have had they all read this at the same time.
I want to scrooge mcduck dive into this pile

Does this happen to me occasionally...yes.  Do I like it to happen...no.   What can I do about it though...I have no idea.

It's real easy to just say "I'm not gonna do that again" but in reality it might happen again.  My laziness at work will get the best of me and I'll skip lunch rather than run out and get something.   But it does lead to an interesting question for those super paleo people.

Is it better to skip a meal or to eat fast food?

I honestly have no idea what the answer is.  I hope the answer is to just suck it up and eat McDonalds.  I could really go for a 20 piece right now.   Mmmmmm...


3 squat cleans (135 lbs)
40 DU
30 KB swings (2 pood)
20 ring push-ups
2 squat cleans

40 DU
30 KB swings
20 ring push-ups
1 squat clean

40 DU
30 KB swings
20 ring push-ups

Time: 19:48

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