Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stupid Labeling

In the past few weeks my company launched an internal website and to commemorate that launch they gave out little bottles of Powerade.  I'm not the biggest fan of the stuff but I was thirsty so I drank it, then I felt bad so I looked at the label to see what kind of damage I did.  And this is what I see...
They call calories "Energy".  Now I'm not here to argue how true this statement is but come on.  The clear intent of this is to use the nutrition label as a means of marketing.  Does that mean that Dunkin Donuts is better for you while in the middle of a game of basketball than water since water has no calories?   People are generally ignorant to much of everything so this should be illegal.  It's like if a cigarette company put tar as an ingredient and then put in parentheses "Life" cause we all are carbon based life forms.

It is absolute crap.  I'm not one who writes to companies but I may be forced into writing coke to tell them how  ridiculous it is that they are using the nutrition label as a marketing ploy.

WOD (09/07)

Strength:  work our way up to 95% of squat snatch 1rm in 12 minutes.
WOD   : 12 minute amrap of 7 185lb DL, 14 pistols, 21 DU, 100m run

6 rounds completed.


I have to adjust this and start being accountable for my diet choices.  Starting Tomorrow I am going ot write everything I have to eat here.  Then you can yell at me when I suck.

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