Monday, September 12, 2011

A CrossFit Method of Rememberence

CrossFit is not only used as a method of training for sports, it is also used by military, police, and firefighters as a method for being ready for anything. 10 years ago, "anything" took on a new meaning.   CrossFit uses it's own methods for remembering those who protect us each day.  It is not just in raising money, it is in doing something that brings us all together.  Yesterday we did the 9/11 throwdown and I can honestly say it was one of the tougher workouts we have done.  I had a friend who is also a firefighter come up to take part in the event.  For his first ever crossfit workout, he did great.  The important thing is that he finished.  I'm going to leave this post short and just say that I remember that day like it was yesterday and can't believe it was 10 years ago.



"Buddy Bar" (this was horrible)
3 rounds
20 Front squat
20 Hanging Cleans
20 Push Jerks
200 Single Unders
(Bar can not touch the ground, hand bar off after each set)
 Weight  95lbs  Time: 42:38

WOD (09/11)

"9/11 Throwdown"

2001m row
11 - 36" box Jumps
11 - 115 lb thrusters
11 - Burpee Chest to Bar
11 - 125 lb Power Cleans
11 - HSPU
11 - 2pood KB swings
11 - Toes to Bar
11 - 175lb dead lift
11 - 110 lb push jerk
2001m row

Time: 36:10

Notes on this WOD:  I only did a few of these prescribed.  The row at the end killed me, my forarms felt like they were gonna explode.  The start row I may have gone a lil hard on, 7:42 to start.


Monday 9/12

Breakfast: protein, apple, 3 eggs
Lunch  : Chicken, apple
Snack:  Peanuts (I know it's not great)
Dinner: tbd (think it will be home made beef and broccali)

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