Friday, September 16, 2011

Fight Gone Bad?

Why is it named fight gone bad?   What does that even mean?  Below is a video where the crossfit guru himself , Greg Glassman, explains where the WOD originated.

Obviously, fight gone bad has its roots in MMA with the 3 rounds of 5 minutes and a 1 minute break between rounds.  In the video he mentions working with BJ Penn to get ready for one of his first fights and wanting to come up with "a quantifiable metabolic match to the demands of the fight" .  But why not just do one workout for all 5 minutes, well that is because Glassman "did not want stamina to be a factor" .  What this means is that the workout was designed to have NO REST.  Using some scientific mumbo-jumbo that is described better in the video, he comes on that 1 minute per movement is ideal.  If you did one movement for the 5 minutes you would get tired fast and have to rest.  So breaking up the movements and muscle groups and keeping the weight manageable you are able to keep moving.  If you rest in MMA then you get knocked out, so constantly moving is really important in training for that sport.

 He is fun to listen to it so for a true understanding of everything be sure to watch the video.

I am about 10 hours from doing my first FGB and have decided to do the weight prescribed.  I want to have something to compare to in the future.  I set a goal for myself of getting over 200 reps.  I have no idea if this is too high or too low, I guess we'll see tomorrow.


Strength: 12 minutes to find 1rm front squat
1000m Row
50 45lb thruster
30 pull-ups

Strength: NEW PR!  200lbs
WOD: 9:38


Breakfast: Eggs, protein shake, apple
Snack:  Special K bar (it was delicious...but not even close to paleo)
Lunch:  Cashews, Snickers, Cookies.   really effed this up.  Work was busy.
Dinner: Wife Surprised me with a Birthday Dinner with my family.  Sushi as an appetizer, chicken and shrimp as the dinner.

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