Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Phillies Play-offs are Killing My Training

So I haven't posted since my trip to Vegas...for that I apologize.  Here is a quick re-cap of why I haven't:

  • Was Jet-lagged like woah!.  After 5 days in Vegas, you lose all ability to understand time/dates
  • All the traveling combined with horrible food and being around a billion different people destroyed my immune system and I ended up with the worst cold I've had in years.  
  • The Phillies are in the play-offs and that consumes most of my time through reading blogs, getting stressed, and going to games.

So there is my excuse for not posting.  


I am now 30.  wow that was hard to type without tearing up.  I'm old.  My body is now in the sunset of my life...  Eff that!  I started 30 off with more excitement than I started my 20's and with a whole lot more legal activities.  Kicked it in VIP when I turned 30, then gambled my way through my first day as a 30 something.  The last WOD I did as a 20 something took place at Crossfit Las Vegas.  

As with every box I've visited so far, the people at CF Las Vegas were incredibly nice.  The box was incredibly spacious and not a ridiculous distance from the strip. Karen and I even got a ride back to our hotel from one of the members!  It was greatly appreciated because it saved us both time and money. 

Las Vegas WOD

5 shoulder press
4 push press
3 push jerks

Every 2 minutes.  I used 75 lbs and although it looks easy...it's not once you get to the 4th round.  The push press and the push jerks were really easy but the shoulder press part was actually really difficult.  Prior to the WOD we did Reverse Pull-ups which is where you pull yourself up then come down as slowly as you can which really hurts!   But it was a good pain.

After the WOD the party began and I didn't think about crossfit again for a while.  But I did think I looked pretty good at the pool...now if crossfit could regrow hair.....


upon returning to PA my body was completely exhausted.  Little sleep, lots of alcohol, and little nutritious food will do that to anyone.  I returned on a Tuesday and expected to start crossfit on Wednesday...then it happened.  I started to cough.  Then came the headache.  Then no sleep cause my body was hot, then cold, then sweaty but still cold, and finally it all hit at once and knocked me out.  I felt like Paquio was punching my head from the inside while my lungs felt like I was working in a coal mine for 40 years.  Thankfully my wife was there to care for me and to let me sleep til 12:30 on Saturday and then 11:30 on Sunday.  I can't remember the last time that happened.  

Needless to say, crossfit was not happening at all.  It finally started to clear up on Sunday.  Monday (Yesterday) I finally made my way back to the gym. I can't say I was 100% but I needed to get a workout in. My legs felt like jello, I was less flexible than when I was there last (I didn't think it was possible either), but I was able to kill the pull-ups.  


Strength:  85% push press (which was 125lbs for me)  5x3 in 10 min

"Flynn (fake Lynn)"
5 rounds
Max reps back squat (choose your weight I did 185 lbs)
Max pull-ups

Round 1: 6/15
Round 2: 3/12
Round 3: 4/12
Round 4: 3/12
Round 5: 4/22

That's right.  I set a new PR for pull-ups with 22 in a row....and ya know what....I think I can do 30 if I'm healthy.  Thinking I can do something and actually pulling it off are obviously completely different but I'm gonna try it soon.   I also tested a new grip to give my callouses a break and it really helped a lot. 

So that is the update.  Tomorrow depends on whether the Brewers win tonight.  I am not doing the early morning WOD's this week because I want to get as much rest as I can until this cold is completely kicked and if the brewers win, then the Phillies play at 8pm tomorrow leaving me time to WOD...else they play at 6pm and then I can not WOD.  


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