Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jager is bad for you

So it's now October..well actually it's been October for a while now...adn that means a few things.  1.  It's getting colder and darker so going to a morning workout is harder and harder.  2.  It's time for halloween 3.  It means it's getting into my favorite beer season.  See I like beer.  I'm not quite educated enough to call myself a beer snob but I do like to try micro-brews.  I'm not a huge fan of hops though so keep IPA's away.  This love affair with beer has recently been very active.  I've tried many types of Oktoberfest beers with Stoudt's being my favorite so far, although Hex by Magic Hat is also VERY delicious.  Last night (a Wednesday) was kinda rough because I met with some guys and we drank many beers...ate many wings...and then..took a shot or 2.  Now I should say no to shots...especially on a Wed night...but I was in a celebratory mood so suuuurrreee.

Ouch. All day today I had a hangover.  So the moral of the story is just say no to shots.
I'll have one of each please.


Dynamic Warm-up

1000m row
Double Unders

My time: 20:46

This workout really hit on my strengths.  I'm getting pretty good at double unders so any workout with a large number of them involved is a strength.

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