Monday, October 24, 2011

Boobies are a good thing...maybe the best of things

Although this sounds like a line from the blow job redemption (It is sad, but I think that movie title exists) but really who doesn't like boobies?  With that in mind...I think we all should all do something to save the boobies! Of course, crossfit has this covered with the "Barbells for Boobies" fundraiser which took place on Saturday.  The WOD was a simple one, "Grace", which is 30 clean and jerks for time.

As simple as it was, I decided to do this prescribed...which is 135 lbs.  I think it's important here that I note that I could not clean 135 as soon as 2 months ago, and now I was doing 30 of them.  It is also 82% of my one rep max for the C+J.  To say this was a challenge for me was an understatement.  I was at first shooting for a goal of 10 minutes.  Then I talked to Ed who said he did it around when he first started in 8 and some change so I changes my goal to 8 minutes.

I'm proud to say that I did accomplish my goal by coming in at 6:57.  It was a struggle, and I was the slowest male by a long shot, but I finished rx'd and for that I am proud.

Myself and digital mustard.  I have 135 on there, but was prepared to drop weight just in case.

Now on to the really impressive times.  Jake came in at 1:20...umm holy shit!  I wish I was there to watch but I had to lave early.  Mike and Tony also came in under 2 minutes which is just amazing.  On the girls side, I think a number of girls did the workout prescribed which is awesome.  Although the guys get a lot of credit, the girls at CrossFit 610 continue to impress and are getting better with each workout.

Guy or Girl, the support from the crossfit community has been great and the amount of time, money, and sweat put in by the community for these very worth causes is awesome.  Great job to all crossfitters across the country!

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