Friday, November 11, 2011

I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be

After going to a, not recomended, 5 days in a row of crossfit I am taking today off.  Rest/Recovery is almost as important as working out.  In fact we have the following quote up on our board.

What is the difference between rest and recovery though?  Rest is when you take the day and you do NOTHING athletic.  You sit on the couch, maybe play Call of Duty or Madden, and just veg out.  And you know what..this is fine from time to time.  It gives your muscles a chance to rebuild and get stronger, it gives your bones time to get less frail, and it even puts you into a better mental state.  Resting will make you stronger!   

Recovery on the other hand is "active rest", ignoring the oxymoronish nature of it it can be defined as doing something to stay loose.  Maybe stretching, or yoga to keep you loose and your body in  a good place.  It can also be a good opportunity to get some light yard work done like mowing the lawn or even something as simple as going for a longer than normal walk with your dog.  Whatever it is, it keeps your blood flowing and your muscles loose so that when you do to do the WOD the next day you'll be stronger, and still loose.  

Today I'm doing nothing.  I'm taking the rest route.  


Had a great warm up session that involved some Crossfit style dodge medicine balls.  This was a blast..except when a 14lb medicine ball almost took Molly out.  

Strength:  8 x 1 snatch balance (my least favorite movement)
I did between 85 and 100 lbs for this.


4 rounds
400m run (in the cold rain)
8 get out of the pools on the rings
40 double-unders

Time: 14:07