Monday, November 7, 2011

Candy is Bad Mmmm-Kay

Somehow I have to keep telling myself that...even as I enjoy the delicious peanut butter and chocolate in a Reeses cup...or the nuggaty goodness of a snickers bar... *drool*

Candy is bad..MMmkay

Around Halloween seems like it's impossible to avoid the allure of sugary treats.  This year I succumbs o thier magic worse than most years.  If you've seen the Jimmy Kimmel clip of parents telling their children that they ate all their Halloween candy, you could prolly picture my reaction if someone told me that.  Me as a child  would look like I was possessed by the demon from paranormal Activity.  No juror in the world could convict a 10 year old for murdering his parents after they stole his candy right?
What do you see here?

Anyhow, the outcome of eating so much sugar is always the same. Fat.  Lazy.  Strung out.  and un able to excel in crossfit exercises.  Oh well...  I just have to keep trying to convince myself that Reeses are not worth it...while my tongue keeps telling me how great they really are.


Partner WOD

3 rounds each of

50 double unders
40 Ab-mat sit-ups
30 jumping lunges
20 ring pull ups
10 135lb floor wipers

Marc and I finished in 33:55

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